An Advanced Telematics Solution Built For Companies With Mixed Fleets

Companies with mixed fleets of both vehicles and equipment have complex problems that traditional telematics solutions cannot solve. The purpose of ES Track is to bring value to our customers by making it easier to manage mixed fleets. ES Track pulls as much data from vehicles and equipment as possible and displays those values in visual tools, reports, and alerts so that customers can make better, more-informed decisions.

We make it as easy as possible to connect assets with ES Track! This is why every feature is always included, we have no complicated subscription tiers, hardware and install can be included, and there are no contract terms or out-of-pocket required!


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GPS Location Mapping

  • Easily view the current and previous location of your vehicles and equipment.

  • Monitor near real-time GPS location and tracking.

  • Quickly find vehicles closest to location.

  • Access seamless map coverage of the entire U.S.

  • View breadcrumb trails.


  • Set maintenance alerts based on engine hours, miles, or dates.

  • Track all maintenance costs through ES Track.

  • Prevent critical breakdowns and costly repairs.

  • Proactively schedule repairs and maintenance.

  • Store all service history.


Decrease in fuel


Decrease idle time


Decrease miles driven


Decrease of overtime

Total Utilization

  • Easily visualize utilization of all assets on ES Track.

  • Compare values against utilization.

  • Identify underutilized assets and take action.

  • Rent or sell asset.

Landmarks and Geofences

  • Set up landmarks and geofences.

  • Monitor vehicles and equipment entering or leaving selected geofences.

  • Easily adjust geofences and landmarks.

  • Be alerted proactively.

  • Use geofences to monitor activity.


Increase in vehicle utilization


Increase in total utilization


Increase in job site utilization


Increase in productivity

Job Site Usage

  • Easily and accurately bill each job site with ES Track.

  • Track equipment entering and leaving job site.

  • Bill utilization at your wage per job site.

  • Show and prove utilization per job site.

Driver Scorecard

  • View how your vehicles are driven.

  • Monitor driver behavior.

  • Reduce wear and tear.

  • Create incentive programs.

  • Protect company image.

  • Create awareness.

Don't dig around looking for your data!ES Track keeps you updated with automated Alerts & Reports!


  • Speeding
  • Mileage
  • IFTA
  • Jobsite
  • Idling
  • Maintenance
  • Utilization
  • Driver Scorecard
  • Rental Reports
  • Timecard Reports
  • Jobsite Utilization


  • Speeding
  • Idling
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Geofence Alerts
  • After Hours
  • Lost Connection
  • Battery Alerts
  • Uninstalled Alerts
  • Status Alerts
  • Maintenance Alerts

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