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Advanced telematics for rented equipment.

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Accurate jobsite tracking. Improved security. Total connectivity. The most advanced telematics solution on the market, ES Track gives you complete control over all your equipment, both rented and owned. Purpose-built for contractors, it gives you the functionality and information you need to manage your entire fleet more effectively.

The Best Way to Manage Rented Equipment
ES Track takes the headache out of managing rented equipment. Featuring all the functionality you need in one convenient dashboard, it gives you:

  • Accurate jobsite and rental cost tracking, which leads to more accurate cost tracking and more competitive bids
  • Increased security and the ability to instantly lockdown any piece of machinery remotely
  • Complete connectivity between every piece of ES track-equipped machinery on your jobsite, whether owned or rented
  • All the tools, real-time reporting and alerts you enjoy on your owned equipment, including utilization, GPS location and engine status

Thanks to ES Track, managing and controlling rented equipment has never been easier.

ELD Compliance Made Easy

Electronic logging devices have made sweeping impacts throughout the industry. ES Track makes compliance easy by linking all of your equipment through a single dashboard. And because it’s a telematics solution made specifically for your needs, ES Track helps you make better, more informed decisions about your machinery and its usage.

Read more about the ELD mandate.

A Safer Way to Work

ES Track can help you improve overall safety by helping identify and eliminate risky behaviors. From a personalized keypad on every piece of equipment to remote lockdown, ES Track helps prevent unauthorized usage. Tracking and reporting help you identify aggressive or reckless drivers. The results are improved safety, reduced liability and lower insurance rates.

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